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So you want something printed . . . where do you start?
Well there are 3 questions that may help you in your initial decision . . .

How much are you wanting printed? This will determine the format of printing due to Price, as with most printing formats, except for digital printing, the more you print, the cheaper it gets. If its a small quantity and/or budget is tight, then digital printing is your only option.

What is the end use for that which you want printed . . . is it cost effective newsletters, large quantity Glossy Flyers, Large format Posters, For indoor or Outdoor use, High quality images?

What kind of budget do you have for the quantity you're needing printed?

The following are the Benefits of Lithographic Printing:
- It extremely high quality printing, with sharp edges and vivid colours
- It is very cost effective for larger print runs
(Too expensive for runs under 1000 units . . . unless the needs for quality outweights the cost)
- The standard Printing Colours are Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which are blended together with thousands of varying sized half-tone dots which enable you to make up virtually any colour. The benefit of litho printing is that when you can't replicate a certain colour accurately with just these 4 standard colours, you also have the luxury of adding Spot Colours. (Spot colours are specially mixed colours that can vary from Metalic to Flourescent . . . or even scented "inks" or "varnishes").
- The results are professional and elegant (all glossy magazines are printed with Lithographic Printing)

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