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Digital printing makes reference to many instant printing formats . . . it could be anything from inkjet and laser printing to high end digital printing on machines that actually create digital plates from which they print, for example the Indigo press.

The cost varies depending on which format you choose. As with the Lithographic Printing, its really a case of 'horses for coarses'. Large Format printing is usually done via an inkjet process while small runs of flyers, brochures, etc can all be done on a Laser type printer.

The Pro's and Cons of digital printing:

Digital printing traditionally has a fast and dirty turn around time, which is ideal for material you needed yesterday!
While there have been significant advancements in digital printing, the quality still isn't on par with that of Lithographic printing.

Finding a reputable printer that takes the time and expense to colour calibrate their digital printers can often be a real challenge. You'll find that most commercial 'photocopier' shops don't do this resulting in oversaturated colours, especially in the reds (or Magenta) . . . This is sometimes not that obvious, depending on the content you're needing printed . . . but you'll definitely notice it the moment it comes out the printer where you have pictures of people involved. Sun burned people . . . not so flattering.

Fortunately for you TGVphoto is owned by Shaun Thomas, a qualified Desktop Publisher with many years experience in the printing industry. He has buit up a respectable database of quality printers to suit all your needs.

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