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Let TGVphoto help your product get noticed! Whether its packaging on a store shelf or a menu in your restuarant . . . it needs to talk to your prospective clients.

Sadly, no matter how good your product is . . . if it looks cheap (and I'm not talking about the value) its not going to sell. Everyone wants quality at a good price . . . A large part of quality perception comes from presentation.

Coming from a background of over 10 years in the print industry, I know what works and what doesn't when is comes to both the practicallity of design for printing purposes as well as the required appeal in generating client interest.

There is nothing more frustrating from a printer's point of view, than recieveing a 'pretty' piece of artwork, from a designer, that has no way of translating into print correctly. I'm a Desktop Publisher by trade and therefore know what printers want and need, which will save you endless headaches and deadline difficulties.


Freelance Graphic Design or Finishing Artist

Hourly Labour Rate: R300.00